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“Pin-hooking” is the simple practice of purchasing Thoroughbred horses and reselling them at a later date, it is not without risk, but the rewards can be substantial. There are many options within pinhooking; the purchase of foals at 9 – 11 months old at auction and re-presenting them the following year at the Yearling Sales is one of the most common.

This can be an extremely profitable business providing the foals are very carefully selected based on their pedigree, conformation and athletic ability. There are obvious risks associated with selling yearlings at public auction, as the value depends entirely on two or more prospective purchasers bidding to a high price. However, time spent researching pedigrees and the market, an eye to spot value in a foal that will grow into a quality yearling and a thorough sales preparation process can be rewarded by excellent returns on investment.

We have a proven track record with our pinhook purchases, purchasing a small, select group of foals for resale.

Mildmay Equine’s pinhooking syndicates offer an accessible, affordable and lower risk alternative to purchasing outright.

Why not invest in a Mildmay Equine Syndicate, enjoy the experience and hopefully make money?

  1. Enjoy the thrill of coming to the foal sales and being part of the buying process.
  2. Enjoy the excitement of coming to Mildmay Stud on a regular basis to see your foals grow and develop.
  3. Enjoy the pleasure of coming to the Mildmay Open day and seeing your yearlings on parade.
  4. Enjoy the anticipation leading up to the sales Enjoy the exhilaration of seeing your yearlings go through the ring at Tattersalls.
  5. Enjoy the elation when they sell well (or share the disappointment if not).
  6. Enjoy the emotion of following your horses’ careers and seeing a foal that you have part owned win a big race Enjoy your tax free pay out at the end of three amazing years .

Enjoy being a shareholder in Mildmay Equine Ltd.

If you are interested in pinhooking and would like to discuss the various options, please contact Bridget on 01256 893387 or email

Dark Angel ex Red Intrigue - Purchased as a foal for 65,000gns at the Tattersalls December Foal sale and re-sold at the Tattersalls October Book 1 Yearling Sale for 180,000gns.


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